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Autumnal colours in Cardiff

December 5, 2019

The winter has officially started. The days are particularly cold and rainy. As a result, I caught myself feeling nostalgic of the autumn days that have passed. Specifically the ones where the sun was ensuring that the temperature was just right and all the trees were covered in colourful leaves. I never really paid any attention to autumn. In fact, I used to really dislike it as a season. But for the past couple of years, probably because I am more into photography, I have considered it to be my favourite season. I think my lenses have given me a different perspective and have helped me discover how beautiful autumn truly is. Thinking about it, it does have the ability to transform any mundane place into a stunning landscape. Subsequently, I decided to create a post to share my favourite autumn photographs with you 🍁🍂!

St. Fagans

Shot on Sony a7ii, 28-70mm.

st fagans manor
st fagans forest
st fagans garden

Bute Park

Shot on iphone 11 pro

bute park
bute park boat
red leaves in bute park

Fforest Fawr

Shot on Sony a7ii, Samyang 14mm.

fforest fawr
log in fforest fawr

City Centre & Bay

Shot on iphone 11 pro + Sony a7ii

winter wonderland
pumpkin farm

Let me know which one is your favourite!

Until next time…


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