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How to spend 24 hours in London

August 18, 2019

London is one of my favourite cities. It is incredibly interesting, beautiful, diverse, complex, fascinating, ancient, modern…exciting! To experience London properly you need to stay for at least a week. But what if you only had 24 hours? What would you do first? I recently spent a day in London with my best friend and we had an amazing time! So, I decided to share my itinerary with you and show you how to spend 24h in London! Warning ⚠️: A lot of walking is required!

Accommodation and Transport

When you only have 24 hours in London, it is best to find a place to stay in the centre of London. However, be prepared to pay a hefty price, as hotel prices range from £160/night. Last time I visited London I stayed at the Dorsett City London hotel. It was fantastic and the room views were stunning:

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⚠️ Coffee Alert ⚠️

Exactly next door to the hotel, you can find it in various other places in London, you will also find my favourite coffee shop brand; Black Sheep. If you are a coffee lover, make sure to give it a try!

black sheep coffee
Black Sheep Coffee

To move around London, I use the underground 🚇 which pretty much can take you wherever you want to go! You don’t need to buy tickets – although you probably can. Instead, you can use any contactless debit/credit card, or even your apple pay, and all you have to do is scan it on the way in and out! You can use Google maps to figure out which train/stop you need!

London underground
London Underground

The stunning Covent Garden

After arriving at Victoria station, we decided to catch the underground (14 minutes) and start our day by exploring the Covent Garden – set at the West side of London.

convent garden long exposure
Somewhere at Convent Garden

From the very first moment we stepped out of the underground, we felt the beauty, vibrance, and energy of this place! It is full of elegantly designed buildings, countless little shops, restaurants, theaters…all carefully decorated with colourful flowers. Every step you take, you feel the need to take a picture.

Neal’s Yard

Hidden amongst the many little streets in Convent Garden, you will find Neal’s Yard – one of my favourite spots in the area! It is a uniquely colourful and stunning yard, filled with restaurants, coffee shops, and more! It is a place you really should not miss..!

⚠️ Food Alert 🍕⚠️

Here you will also find an amazing pizza restaurant called Homeslice pizza, where you can enjoy freshly handmade and delicious wood-fired oven pizza!

homeslice pizza
A delicious 20″ pizza

Piccadilly Circus

Next stop is the famous Piccadilly Circus. It is very close to Covent Garden (15mins walk) and the route is beautiful and full of interesting things to see…and taste.

street food van
Street food van en route to Piccadilly

The route also took us through Chinatown, where we walked around and discovered lots of interesting chinese markets and restaurants!

china town in london

Eventually we ended up at the M&Ms world, LEGO store, and the centre of Piccadilly circus…

Piccadilly circus subway
Piccadilly Circus

Fortnum & Mason ☕ – the heaven for the tea lovers

Every time I find myself in Piccadilly, I have to pay a visit to my favourite tea shop; Fortnum & Mason. The store itself is massive and offers a great variety of teas, delicatessens, jams, and whatever else you can imagine!

Hyde park – a paradise at the heart of London

Having finished some essential shopping in Piccadilly, we decided to walk through Hyde Park. It took us a while to go through the park (1 hour) and reach High Street Kensington (where our next stop was), but the walk was just beautiful! 🦆

The Kyoto Gardens

Whilst in Kensington and given that it was quite a warm day, we decided to go for a walk at the Kyoto Gardens. The gardens are known for being the most beautiful Japanese-style gardens in London, and they offer a unique landscape with tranquil waterfalls, stone lanterns, japanese maple trees, and a beautiful pond…


One more place you should definitely visit whilst in London is Harrods! Walking around Harrods and looking at all the expensive items, knowing that they could get you whatever you can possibly imagine is a unique experience. And although I have no interest in shopping from Harrods, there is one thing that I cannot really resist; Harrods Food Hall and Coffee Shop.

harrods coffee
Coffee at Harrods

At Harrods Food Hall, you will find some of the finest food including chocolates, fresh cakes, and of course, coffee! Every time I find myself in London, I have to pay a visit and get my favourite Knightsbridge Roast coffee and of course a cake! Yummm!

coffee and cake from harrods
Coffee and cake from Harrods

Tower Bridge

After a beautiful walk at the gardens we caught the metro and ended up in one of London’s most impressive areas; Tower Bridge.

tower bridge in london

There are endless things to do and see in this area, depending on the things you enjoy, including the famous Shard and Borough Market! We walked around, and because it was a warm summer day there was an outdoor festival around with live music, which we very much enjoyed!

⚠️ Food Alert 🥩⚠️

In Tower Bridge you will also find one of my favourite steak houses; Gaucho. I recommend you book your table in advance online, otherwise it might be fully booked. Its food and view are both gorgeous! And considering it’s a steak house in the center of London, the prices are not too bad!

gaucho's steakhouse restaurant
Gaucho’s steakhouse restaurant

Little Venice

Finally, we decided to visit and walk through the Little Venice district – which resides north of Paddington. It is a beautiful area, full of canals and waterways – hence its name! In the area you will find really cute small coffee shops overlooking the canals, unique restaurants, puppet shows, and more. We really enjoyed it!

The end

I really hope that you found this blog post interesting and that it gave you few ideas of things to do next if you find yourself in London next!

Until next time…


P.S. If you enjoy smartphone photography and you like my pictures, head to my other post here, to see how I edit them on the fly!

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  1. What a beautiful blog! Convet Gardens look stunning, I will definitely visit next time.. thanks for sharing x

  2. I am visiting London next week for one day and your blog really helped me to plan my trip.. Thanks so much for sharing! Little Venice looks stunning!

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