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Dubrovnik (a.k.a. Kings Landing)

April 19, 2019

I decided to visit a relatively small place for the Easter break. I had 4.5 days and I needed a place that would allow me to relax, but also a place that would have enough things for me to explore in this amount of time. Having this in mind (and thanks to my Instagram feed & Game of Thrones), I decided to visit Dubrovnik (a.k.a. Kings Landing), Croatia! I booked a really good deal with British Airways which included a 5* hotel and flights… and off I was!

TIP: Sometimes, if you book via British Airways you can get a much better hotel deal than if you booked through


I flew from London direct to Dubrovnik. My hotel, Hotel Croatia Cavtat, was located in Cavtat, a small town around 20 minutes from Dubrovnik’s Old Town and around 7 minutes away from the nearby airport.

Although there were plenty of taxis outside the arrivals gate, I decided to use Uber to get to my hotel as it seemed like the cheapest and easiest route. The Uber driver dropped me off at the hotel. It was stunning! It was built into the side of the hill surrounding the sea; and as a result, the view from my room was breathtaking! I felt like I was literally hovering over the ocean. It was exactly what I was hoping for:

view from hotel
View from the hotel

The hotel itself is around a 5 minute walk from Cavtat’s Old Town. Having driven to London early that morning and chilled in my hotel room for an hour or so, I decided to stroll around Cavtat just as the sun was setting. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited. It actually reminded me very much of my home town; Corfu. The architecture and the way the sun hits them at sunset; and especially the noise of the swallows flying playfully above.

That day also happened to be Good Friday; so I had the opportunity to see various Easter events at the local church, which made my visit to Cavtat even more unique.

After strolling around and taking some pictures, I decided to find somewhere to have a bite to eat. Cavtat itself isn’t very big and the main attraction is the small port and restaurant area where you can catch boats to Dubrovnik’s Old Town and grab some food. For dinner, I decided to pick one of the seafront restaurants. I did what I usually do and looked them up on Trip Advisor. They all have pretty good reviews!

Croatia is mostly famous for seafood, pizza, and ice cream! The food in general was tasty, and the Croatian locals were generous with the portions! I also really liked the local beer. But… I shamefully have to disagree with the revolving myth about the ice-cream. Sure, it was tasty and extremely cheap (10 kuna per scoop, so around £1.20), but it wasn’t the best ice-cream I have ever had. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I live in Wales, which has quite creamy ice-cream and makes me have really high ice-cream standards 🙈!

The next morning I explored Cavtat a bit more and walked around its narrow streets, reached the highest point at the cemetery (saw the biggest grass snake I have ever seen…🐍), and then caught the boat to Dubrovnik from the port.

Dubrovnik (a.k.a. Kings Landing)

From Cavtat, you can get to Dubrovnik via boat (from Cavtat port), Uber, or bus. The bus is the cheapest option, but is also the longest (I think around 40-50 minutes). I think they also run once every hour. Catching an Uber would take around 20 minutes, and cost around 118 kuna (£14) each way.

You can also catch a boat. Prices vary depending on the company. I paid 100 kuna (£12) for a one way ticket. The boat also took around 50 minutes to arrive Dubrovnik. I didn’t complain – the weather was beautiful and it was definitely worth it! The boat also stops at islands (including the famous Lokrum island) in between which, depending on your ticket, you can jump off at and visit.

NOTE: Although I didn’t stop there, I was told that there is nothing much to see on Lokrum island. It’s apparently nice if you enjoy hiking, nature, rabbits, and a bunch of different birds! It is only 8 minutes away from Dubrovnik and there’s a fee to get onto the island.

After some time, I arrived at Dubrovnik’s port. From the very first moment, I fell in love with this place and was exactly how I imagined it to be (not exactly from the Game of Thrones series… but the pictures I had seen online really did do it justice!).

Arriving at Dubrovnik’s port

When I entered Dubrovnik through the old town walls, the first thing that drew my attention was the architecture of the buildings and the countless narrow streets. It was smaller than I imagined, but it was beautiful. Taking the first left, I found myself outside the entrance of the old walls, where I would start my journey across the top of the walls around the city.

TIP: If you book the tickets online, you can get a much better deal which also includes a guided tour for the old town.

I had been on the walls for probably less than 5 minutes and I had already taken 100 pictures! I was in awe – I just found the city so beautiful that I had to stop every few meters to take pictures. Here are a few:

The walk around the wall was quite long and there were many steps involved. I think if it was any hotter (it was around 22 degrees at the time), it would have been quite difficult as you’re almost always directly in the sun. So if you do visit, take plenty of water! Though, the views were stunning and it was worth it.

After the long walk, some ice-cream was in order…

I was so impressed with the fact that the town itself was so tidy and clean. There were fresh water fountains for water bottle refills too! But one of my favourite little detail was the fact that each shop name was displayed on the street light hanging above it and there were no other signs around. The local people were friendly and helpful. Dubrovnik is now by far one of my favourite places.

I would definitely recommend going on a tour of the old town to learn about the history of Dubrovnik – another reason why I like this place; the loyalty and the nature to treat everyone as equal. There are several free tours provided from local guides – you can look online to find the times and meet up spots.

There are also many small museums and churches to visit depending on your interests.

One of my favourite spots was the cliff cafe/bar, which overlooks the Adriatic sea. If the weather is nice, you should definitely check it out and grab a local beer!

Cliff Bar/Cafe

Here’s some more pictures from strolling around the town including a little friend I made:

My little friend

Now for the most important thing; food… There are countless places to choose from in the town and almost all of them are “touristy.” But, after asking a local girl (who I bought some incredible grape smelling soap from in one of the small shops) for some recommendations, I discovered my favourite place to eat in Dubrovnik; Barba, a seafood street food spot. The shrimp burger was really nice and by far the most popular item on the menu. The calamari was also delicious 🦑 🦐. It’s quite a popular place, so there was no seating available inside. I sat on the steep stairs outside and experienced “proper street food”!

And of course, it was inevitable that I would come across a dragon given that I was in King’s Landing…

Game of Thrones shop somewhere in Dubrovnik

As you can imagine, there are many Game of Thrones shops! They even have Game of Thrones specific tours around the town. The most popular spot in the centre of the town is of course the “walk of shame” staircase. It’s so popular, that the cafe at the bottom of the staircase even sell the burger “of shame”!

The Walk of Shame…

Some more pictures of Dubrovnik by night:

Overall, Dubrovnik is a beautiful location and is one of my favourite trips so far! I would definitely recommend visiting it!

Until next time..

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